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ISO 9001:2008
Model : R-3501E
Model : 96R-3501E


"MECO - G" has introduced new low cost digital panel meters in size 48x96 and 96x96mm. These instruments can measure AC Volts, AC Current. They are designed using micro controller based technology. They display full 4 digits. Rescaling is done by the push switches on the front. No dip switches are used. These instruments are available in 0-5A AC, 0-750V AC. They offer more resolution than conventional instruments. They are easy to use. Programming for CT multiplier is done very easily by the switches on the front of the instrument. Auxiliary supply 110V, 230V or 440V AC (any one to avoid confusion and damage to the instrument) is available.
The price of these instruments is comparable to the cost of analog meters, with much better features, accuracies and resolution.


  R-3501E & 96R-3501E
RANGES 0-5A AC, 0-750V AC
ACCURACY ±( 0.5 + 2) dgts
AUX. SUPPLY 0-110V, 220V, 440V AC(Any One)