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ISO 9001:2008


Model : R-APFC 06
Model : R-APFC 12




  • Micro controller based design to give accurate correction of Power Factor
  • Automatic K/C Value calculating.
  • Multiple data display, including Power Factor (Lag / Lead), KVAR value, Voltage, Current, Frequency and Tempreature
  • KVAR value can be set directly for each stage. Each stage can have different KVAR value, enabling precise control
  • Capacitor connection is cyclical. using First In First Out principle and is used according to average utilization principle prolonging the realy< connection point life.
  • Programmable alarm relay output. Can be set to give alarm for abnormal Voltage, Current, KVAR, Power Factor, Frequency and Temperature value.
  • CT and PT value can be set to display real KVAR, Voltage and Curren value


    Volatage ± 0.5% of rdg.+2dgts
    Current ± 0.5% of rdg.+2dgts
    Power Factor ± 2° Electrical
    KVAR ± 0.5% of rdg.+2dgts
    Frequency ± 0.05 Hz
    Temperature ± 1.0°C


    Volatage 0-110V, 230V, 380V, 440V
    Current 0-5 A
    Power Factor 0.00 ~ 1.00 (Lag - Lead)
    KVAR 0 - 9999 KVAR
    Frequency 40 - 70 Hz
    Temperature 0 - 70 C

    Working Voltage 110V, 220V, 380V, 440V, ± 10%, 15 VA MAX.
    Phase (panel set) Singel phase or Three phase
    Input Current 5A (CT ratio can be set directly on the panel).
    NO. of Relays ModelR-APFC06, 6 Relays
    Model R-APFC12, 12 Relays
    Output Relay Capacity AC 220V/DC 30V 3A.
    Installable Capacity 0-250kvar / Stage.
    Capacitor Relay Contracts

    switching mode

    Rela Contacts are connected on first- in - first - out basis so that the

    realay contacts may be used more evenly. This extends hte life of relay

    contacts. ( The relay contacts with no capacitors will not be connected).

    Delay Time 10 - 240 seconds, to be set by the user.
    Mode of Operation Automatic or Manual
    Power out Memory All the data stored is preserved for atleast2 months in the event of power failure.
    Programmable Alarm output Alarm Item (Panel Set) High Limit Low Limit
    Alarm LED Blinking and Alarm Relay Output Voltage * *
    Current * *
    Power Factor * *
    KVAR * *
    Frequency * *
    Temperature * *
    Phase Order Alarm Error message displayed.
    Operating Condition Temperature: 0 C to +55 C
    Relative Humidity : 0 - 90 % RH, Non condiensing.