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ISO 9001:2008


"MECO-G" Power Line Transducers are designed for AC Power Line parameters like Voltage, Current, Wattage, Var, Frequency, DC Isolation, TAP Position and Temperature.
These reliable and accurate Transducers are in applications in all sectors of the power and process industry since over 20 years.
These Transducers give a load independent and isolated DC output directly proportional to the input parameters.
"MECO-G" Transducers are widely used for automation and control of power and process systems as well as for local and remote monitoring of the electrical parameters at every stge of electricity generation, transmission and distribution. They are ideal for SCADA, energy management, telemetering, data-logging as well as central monitoring systems.
"MECO-G" Transducers are generally designed to comply to the requirements of I.S. 12784:1989 (Reaffirmed in 1993). All "MECO-G" Transducers pass through a stringent manufacturing and in-house quality control process consisting of
vibration, burn-in and calibration tests to ensure complete reliability and accuracy during continuos operation.

AC Current (Average / TRMS)
AC Voltage (Average / TRMS)
Active Power (1P & 3P - Balanced or Unbalanced System)
Reactive Power (1P & 3P - Balanced or Unbalanced System)
DC Isolation for Voltage & Current
Tap Position
Reliable & Rugged Static Circuits
Low Ripple in Output Signal
Flame Retardant Case
Fast Response Time
Bi-Directional Inputs for Import / Export

Dual Output
Self-Powered, AC, DC Auxillary Supply
Din Rail Mounting
Bi-Directional Outputs


Accuracy ± 0.5% of Span (standard) Others on request (optional)
Accuracy Range 0 to 120%
Zero Adjustment. ± 2% of Span (min.)
Span Adjustment. ± 10% of Span (min.)
Response Time < 0.5s for 0 to 90% of Output
Output Ripple < 0.5%of Full Scale, 0.2% RMS
Overload Continuous Voltage : 1.2 x Un
Current : 2 x In
Overload -Short Duration
(1 sec.)
Voltage : 2 x Un
Current : 20 x In
Stability ± 0.25% Per Annum, Non Cumulative
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
As Per IS 12784:1989
0° ~ 50°C, Rh < 95%
-20° ~ 70°C, RH
Temperature Coefficient 0.03% / °C
Isolation Complete (Input/Output/Auxiliary/Case)
Insulation Resistance >100MΩ @ 500VDC
Self Powered (optional) Max.Variation of ± 20% in input Voltage
Dielectric Strength 2KV for 1 min. (Standard)
4KV (optional), across
Casing - Input / Output / Auxiliary
Input - Output
Input - Auxiliary
Output - Auxiliary
Output - Output
(Optional, subject to technical feasibilty)
Impulse Test 4.5KV, 1 x 40µS (W/o Dewing)
Casing Flame Retardant
Polycarbonate (UL 94V-0)
Self Extinguishing, Non Drip,
DIN Rail cum Wall Mounting Casing
Applicable Standards Electrical Measuring Transducers for Converting AC Electrical Quantities into DC Electrical Quantities : General Purpose Transducer

Kindly mention the Model, Input Type, Input Range, Input Voltage, Input Current, PTR, CTR, Frequency, Auxiliary Supply, Output 1, Output 2 and other Optionals.