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ISO 9001:2008


"MECO-G" This module has bright LED display and is compact in size. It operates on 5V DC supply.



DISPLAY 14.2mm (0.56") height, Bright Red LED Display (1999 max display)
Measuring Method 3 digit-Dual Slope A/D conversion
Sampling time 0.4 Sec (2.5 samples per second)
Polarity '-' is displayed for negative input
Decimal Selection Simple (user friendly)
Over range "1" or "-1" is indicated
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 50° C, 70 % RH (non condensing)


DC Voltage 0-200mV, 0-2V, 0-20V, 0-200V
DC Current 0-20mA, 0-200mA, 0-200A

± 0.5@ of Range @ (27° ± 5 C )

Auxiliary supply 5VDC + 10% (1VA)

Ensure proper polarity of power supply.

Note Power supply ground and input IN - LO signal must not be shorted. When using with a shunt, one end of the shunt must be connected to ground side of the supply and not the high voltage side of the supply.