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ISO 9001:2008
Model : S-72 / SI-72
Model : S-96 / SI-96


Model S-72 / SI-72 S-96 / SI-96
Size   72 x 72 mm 96 x 96mm
Scale Length (Approx)   60mm 90mm
Accuracy   class 1.5% class 1.5%
Ranges mA 50-1000mA 50-1000mA
A 1-100A, -/1A, -/5A 1-150A, -/1A, -/5A
V 50-600V 50 - 600V
Frequency 50 Hz,60Hz.(400 Hz can be supplied on request)
Dimensions interchangeable as per DIN 43700.   Scale : As per DIN 43802

S-144D Voltmeters (Dual Voltmeters) 0-110V or 500V or 600V (Any Single Range) Rs. 1000.00 (Min. Qty. 10Nos)

  • Suppressed scale Ammeters with suppression upto 600% can be supplied in all types. Accuracy for all supressed meter is 2x accuracy for the normal range.
  • For Highter range Ammeter use meter of 5A with appropriate CT.
  • For Higher range Voltmeter use meter of 110V with appropriate P.T.
  • SI-72 and SI-96 meters are with interchangeabel scale.
  • Back terminal protective cover for SI-72 and SI-96 meters are available (optional).
  • Meters with Band Marking (RED / YELLOW / GREEN or any other colour) are available at extra cost.
  • Meters with Accuracy Class 1.0% can be supplied at extra cost.
  • Single Scale Double Stamping Meters can also be supplied.
  • Additional Dials Also available.